Y2K Digital Cameras 👾

Looking for something new? Check out or fresh selection of CCD digicams from the early years of filmless photography!

ohsocult x secondland

A special collection of our cameras now comes with unique cases made from the textile leftovers collected during Secondland's design process.

Meet the collection

Vintage cameras

  • Easy to use compact cameras, fitted with a single lens and built-in flash, which is just fine for most shots!

    Basic models 
  • Get closer to the action - a built-in zoom or telephoto lens allows you to bring your subject nearer.

    Zoom / Tele models 
  • Some compacts might have a bit sharper lens, metal covering, special functions - or just the hype!

    Premium compacts 

Something special ✨

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    Haven’t developed my film yet but I love the camera!

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    The Camera was indeed in Excellent condition! It came insanely quick to Australia which was a pleasant surprise.

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    In a very good condition, just as described! The delivery was also super fast, Thank you!

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